Thursday, February 11, 2010

The grandchildren athered at Mum and Dad's for their 40th anniversary celebrations, April 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

please chack out this awesom photo taken by a young emerging photographer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I really love nigel brown's paintings... if u google u will see
I thought these pictures would be great as background to a horror movie.. which is what the traffice feels like here these days altho we dont need to focus on that here....

anyway I may be crazy but I like these pics...

this wedding has to be the most joyous and the most poignant of the sahasawath

did you ever see two happier people???

did you ever see a prouder mom?

and whoops this doesnt belong here but i was very excited to see the watercube with my very own eyes on the year of the Olympics
oh my pics have loaded out of order (... kate- help!).. anyway these gas pipes are at the 798 art area in beijing. people who know feel it has become a very commercialised area and say the artists have moved on...

a door at the Imperial Palace... lots of doorknobs!!!

yes you are right.. that is a chinese thingy cover and \i am in beijing.. my first time in china despite living in asia almost ten years!

the imperial palace.. at least there were images of flowers but it didnt make up for the lack of gardens throughout, for me anyways... there was a chinese garden at the end which was intereresting...

my fav piece of art in the 798 area was this.. I think becasue it reminds me so much of the man in the \nigel brown/ paintings

we went recently to visit my bro in bangkok, and the lovely fangdamily. and we went to the beach.. this guy did a fire show at night on the beach

we played with puppies

we played with our new camera

played again with puppies

and took beautiful photos of the s k y

it was nice

Monday, November 10, 2008

this was the police building on street 51.
It was sooo gorgeous
(both pics are from there)

the steel is carefully removed from the buildings which are destroyed. Around the edges of town you can find piles of twisted steel with people sitting all day all day all day striaghtening it all out .. presumably to go into the next building...

sometimes, when the mekong and tonle sap rivers hit their zenith, you really do feel like just driving off the road, across the verge, down the stinky stairs to the river and just all the way down to Vietnam... well I do anyways.,.. every year I feel like driving down the vast beautiful warm brown road to Vietnam.. especially when...

... yeah I really feel like going off the rails and down the Brown river Road...especially when I go past this space...behind me is the Cambodiana Hotel, and in front of me is a space where there really ought not to be a space. not if we love our buildings as we oughta, not if we value the collective sense of space and place we have among our older buildings. It went down almost overnight and the only thing which distinguishes it now is these vans for rent.. I will drag out the picture of the old building for you

and yep that is the kite mueum.. being covered in that building-making stuff which they peel plastic offa, rendeirng the original sort of wrapped.... in plastic.. something in that.

.. ooh a door.. a bit like finding a bottle titled Drink Me...
what oh what is thru the magic door?

...replete with graffiti...

oh jeez yes another space. It used to be the Bassac Theatre. Those sort of humpy bits used to be the oldest most gorgeous frangipani trees... I am so sad.. it just went so quickly.. Who got the trees and where did they go????? I dont know where I live anymore...

Oh yeah let's go for a drive...

it is amazing what you can buy at my fav market....... there are even supplies for people who like to *cook*!!!!!

on a recent visit to Siem Reap for work we went to eat food at night close to Angkor, which you can do without buying a ticket, as you are not going into any of the temples.. anyway looking back from the entrance to the grand and awesome causeway to the Angor Wat, this was the sky we had to feast on, as well as bbq chicken and rice, and bread ... YUMMO
Sras Srang... in Siem Reap... gorgeous.

woodworking tools
palm leaves left out to dry before being dyed and woven into all sorts of things

the corner of the moat around angkor wat... i think it is the NE corner...

aw so pwuddy
I really LOVE this building

designed by the legendary Van Molyvann
who is a god

and I have always threatened to fall down and kiss his shoes should I ever find myself in the same room.. so moved was I by 60s architecture, of which he is the only living remnant... (that i know of).. I did find myself in the same room twice rfecently and did manage to hold myself back.


every year they put these curtains for Water Festival

(and yeah I get that the pics are average.. in my defense I was driivng alone at the time... surrounded by the motoing millions)

this building is round the corner from our house. First I saw this other photo like this but from Japan on a photoblog and I LOVED it, and always imagined doing it to this restaurant. then they upgraded the restaurant. So it is definitely not as cool a photo as it woulda been if I had just taken the shot instead of thinking about it for 3yrs each time I drove past it....